Special Boards

Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors shall audit, settle, and adjust the accounts of all elected or appointed officials of the township and its boards or agencies that received or disbursed funds of or owing to the township during the immediately preceding calendar year.

The auditors may also make an audit of dockets, transcripts, and other official records of the district justices to determine the amount of fines and costs paid over or due the township, and the dockets and records of the district justices shall be open to inspection by the auditors for that purpose.

Members of the Board of Auditors are:

  • Vacant, Chairman
  • Vacant, Secretary
  • Vacant, Member

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management team is responsible for emergency preparedness planning activities and the preparation of an Emergency Management Plan for Rush Township. The team responds to natural disasters, such as floods and tornadoes, as well as chemical spills, hazardous materials incidents, and major catastrophes.

  • Emergency Management Coordinator: Chris Hartz     email: rushEMA@rushtownship.org
  • Deputy Coordinator: Barry Messerschmidt
  • Deputy Coordinator:
  • EMA Assistant: Josh Grim


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