Zoning & Permitting

Zoning decisions are made by a three-member Zoning Hearing Board. Members are appointed by the township Board of Supervisors. They serve a three-year term and are responsible for hearing appeals on zoning matters, including variances and special exceptions.

Zoning Hearing Board meetings are held as needed at 7 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Rush Township Municipal Building in Hometown. Changes are advertised in a local newspaper and posted at the Municipal Building.

Zoning in Rush Township is governed by the 2009 Eastern Schuylkill Planning Region Joint Zoning Ordinances, which were enacted by the township supervisors on Oct. 20, 2009.

Members of the Zoning Hearing Board:

  • Chairman Wayne Postupack (2024)
  • Vice Chairman Thomas Klein, Jr. (2026)
  • Member Jack Cusatis (2024)
  • Alternate Frank Yeneskie (2024)
  • Alternate

Required permits

William N. McMullen of Arro Engineering (570-366-9534) of Orwigsburg handles the zoning permits for our township. If necessary, he will gladly schedule an appointment with you by calling his office number.

  • Moving permits are required of everyone moving in and out of Rush Township. Moving permits can be obtained at the municipal building. There is no charge for a moving permit.
  • Building permits are also required. Permit information can be obtained from Arro Engineering (570-366-9534). Comprehensive Inspection Agency (570-385-3010) performs all necessary inspections. Contact the township municipal building for a contact name and phone number.
  • (The township’s burning ordinance does not apply to small, well-controlled fires in an outdoor fireplace or a container for outdoor cooking – as long as the fire is attended by a responsible person from ignition through extinguishing.)

UCC Appeals

Members of the UCC Appeals Board:

  • Dean DelFranco, Sr.
  • Leon Sassaman
  • Pat Caulfield


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