Reminder to not affix ANY signs to Traffic Regulation Signs

PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH ANY SIGNS (ex. yard sales, parties, For Sale signs, etc.) to ANY TRAFFIC REGULATION SIGNS (ex. light posts, stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.).  Violators WILL be fined. Ordinance #194:  Prohibiting the placing, securing, or affixing of any sign or item on any traffic regulation sign of Rush Township, authorizing the […]

June 2022 Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 2022 Board Minutes

Rush Township will not be accepting Solar Panels for electronics recycling

Rush Township will not be accepting Solar Panels for electronics recycling. Our present electronic recycler DOES NOT take the panels without charging money so they can ship to a certified recycler. Solar Panel-Recycling-Program-Factsheet-January 2020 final

May 2022 Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 2022 Board Minutes

Municipal Building sale–Accepting sealed bids

Notice is hereby given that the Rush Township Board of Supervisors is accepting sealed bids for the sale of the real property located at 43 Chestnut Street, Tamaqua, PA 18252 (Tax Parcel Number 25-22-0184.001).  The property is zoned for residential use in the R-4 Zoning District.  Bids must be submitted to the Rush Township Secretary, […]

Resolution 2022-13

Resolution 2022-13 Resolution authorizing proper officers of the governing board to appoint a liaison between it and Berkheimer Tax Collection for the purpose of sharing confidential tax information with the district for official purposes.

Resolution 2022-12

Resolution 2022-12 Resolution revising the standard agreement for municipalities to approve and allow their respective police officers to participate in the Schuylkill County Drug Task Force.

Ordinance 210

Ordinance 210 Ordinance regulating the nomination, approval and removal of Special Fire Police Officers.

Ordinance 209

Ordinance 209 Ordinance requiring the Volunteer Fire Company submit an annual audit of its accounts by an auditor chosen by Rush Township.

April 2022 Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 2022 Board Minutes

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