2024 Tamaqua Transfer Holiday Schedule

Please be advised that the 2025 annual Garbage rate will be increasing to $450.

Garbage & Recycling

Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected in Rush Township on a weekly basis on the following schedule:

Monday – Lake Hauto area, Route 54 east of the intersection with Ye Olde Hauto Road, Route 309 north of Basile’s Restaurant , Old Dam Road, Ben Titus Road, Route 54 west of Mintzer’s Hill, Apple Lane Orchard Road, State Route 1015, State Route 1018, and Golf Road.  All roads north of Route 54 and west of Route 309 (excluding Hometown), which includes the areas of Park Crest, Grier City, Tamanend, Quakake, and Madison and Douglas streets in Ginther.

Friday – Hometown and Kahler Hill, including Sunset Avenue, Charles Street, Shawn Avenue, Ye Olde Hauto Road, Keller Road, and Route 54 west of the intersection with Ye Olde Hauto Road.

Trash should be placed curbside on the night before pickup. Trash is not to be placed curbside more than 24 hours before pickup.

Residents are limited to five (5) 30-gallon containers or 70 pounds of trash a week and one large item (cut to a reasonable size, if necessary).

Residents are encouraged to use the township collection service in the spring and fall for items such as tree limbs and wood. Also, residents are asked to utilize the recycling program for items such as refrigerators, washers, televisions, and all other electronics.

Garbage is collected by Tamaqua Transfer. The current fee for garbage collection is $194 per calendar year (if paid by April 30). A $50 penalty is applied for the first month late and 1.5% (beginning July 2019, replacing the $20 penalty) for every month after until paid.     Tamaqua Transfer can be reached at 570-668-4515.

Collection of delinquent municipal user fees will be handled by Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd. http://www.portnoffonline.com/

Recycling Program

David Ceci, Recycling Facilities Director

Rush Township offers FREE electronics & metal recycling (i.e., bikes, grills, washers, dryers & stoves) for residents. Drop off at the Township Building Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. A current Drivers I.D. is needed for proof of Rush Township Residency.   There is currently a $25.00 charge for each television and monitor (including laptops, tablets, portable DVD players, etc.)

If you need assistance unloading your electronics or pick up of your LARGE metal items, please call the township office at 570-668-2938 to make arrangements. Rush Township accepts the following electronics for recycling:

  • Computers: desktop, laptops notebooks, servers and tablets (PC’s)  –$25.00 each for items with a monitor
  • Monitors, Televisions (CRT’s, LCD’s LED’s, Plasma, Projection & Flat screens), portable DVD players, Laptops, tablets  $25.00 each
  • Computer Peripherals: Keyboards, Mice, Computer Speakers & all external devices i.e.: CD/DVD/Blu-ray ROM/Burners, Scanners, Wireless Routers/switches/Modems & all external Tape, Optical and Hard Disc Drivers.
  • Printers: All Desktop Printers, Inkjet, All in ones and Lasers
  • VCR’s, DVD and Blu-ray players
  • Stereo equipment (Receivers, Amplifiers, Car Stereos, Boom Boxes, etc.)
  • Digital Cameras & Camcorders (video)
  • Telephones, Cell Phones/PDA’s, Smart Phones & MP3 Players
  • All Electronic Cables (wiring)
  • Video Games & Consoles/Controllers
  • UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Batter Back Up
  • Small Kitchen Appliances (Mixers, Toasters, Blenders….)
  • Microwaves
  • Hair Dryers, Curling Irons (beauty aids/appliances)
  • Large Copy Machines/Fax Machines

Single Stream Recycling

See what recycling can do for your community: https://youtu.be/5YaTpL8nl7c and

Single Stream Recycling – Tour a Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

Rush Township Chipping Policy

Chipping will be done during designated times, usually in November/December. Chipping will pick back up usually in April at the discretion of the Road Supervisor. If an act of nature creates the need during down months, chipping will occur. The service is being provided for minimal chipping of branches and limbs. The Township will not spend more than 30 minutes on site for chipping. Larger jobs will require the residents to contact a landscaper. Chipping will not be done in the Lake Hauto development. Other areas will follow burning ordinance #183.

  1. The Township Road Supervisor has the right to refuse to chip and will determine when chipping will be completed.
  2. Branches must be brought curb side and bundled.
  3. Branches must not exceed 6 inches in diameter.
  4. Branches must be removed from tree by homeowner; trunks must not exceed 6 inches in diameter.
  5. Township will not return to the same address on a weekly basis; only one (1) visit per residence.
  6. Branches are no longer allowed to be put out for weekly garbage collection.
  7. Homeowners are not permitted to take chipped wood products.


Rush Township Leaf Collection Policy

Leaf collection will be done during designated times, usually in November/December. Leaf collection will usually pick back up in April at the discretion of the Road Supervisor.  Leaves will not be collected in the Lake Hauto development. Other areas will follow burning ordinance #183

  1. The Township Road Supervisor has the right to determine when pick up will be completed.
  2. All leaves must be raked curbside (unless instructed @ the discretion of the Township to bag leaves).
  3. Collected leaves are not permitted to be taken by residents.
  4. Leaves should no longer be bagged for trash collection (unless specified otherwise).


Earth 911


Source: Earth 911


Composting Yard Waste

Source: Colorado State University Department of Agriculture and Colorado counties cooperating

Do your part for a cleaner county!

SKIP (Schuylkill Keep It Pretty) hosts an annual Fall Cleanup, and volunteers are welcome to pickup supplies prior to that and clean when convenient. For more information contact Darlene of SKIP, at 570-449-4760 or info@skiplitter.org

SKIP is a cooperative effort between the Schuylkill County Board of Commissioners, the SKIP Board of Directors, the Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste and Recycling and the people of Schuylkill County.

Source: Schuylkill Conservation District

North Schuylkill Landfill Association
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