There are almost 68 miles of roads in Rush Township. About 35 miles of that are township roads, about 30 miles are state highways, and about 3 miles are alleys.

A four-man full-time Road Department crew and a few part-time as-needed laborers are tasked with maintaining the 35 miles of township roads and alleys. The crew is responsible for repairing roads, installing drainage systems, plowing snow, installing signs, and maintaining township parks, equipment, and the municipal building.

Every township road has a right-of-way – a legal right of passage over another person’s ground and the strip of land over which a public road is built.

As an example of a township right-of-way, many township roads have a 50-foot right-of-way. The right-of-way exists from the center line of the road, so 25 feet of township right-of-way is on either side of the center line. The driving lane (lane of travel) is about 16 1/2 feet wide, leaving 8 1/2 feet for curbs and sidewalks. While this 8 1/2 feet is the township’s right-of-way, the landowner is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

A landowner can never build or plant anything on that right-of-way. A landowner must contact the township road foreman or zoning officer when installing, repairing, or altering a driveway that sits on or crosses a right-of-way.

Winter operations

During winter weather, Rush Township road crews will make every effort to keep township roads open and passable. However, there may be times when the rate of snowfall and/or wind make it difficult for that to happen. In those cases, plowing may be suspended until snowfall rates or windspeed decrease.

Residents are encouraged to wait until plowing is completed before shoveling driveways and sidewalks. In most cases, after a “first pass,” a snowplow will return later to widen the lanes of travel, access the drainage system, make room for more snow, widen the safety buffer on the shoulder of a road, or similar reasons. This may lead to the blocking of driveways and sidewalks.

The Road Crew asks that residents and visitors park their vehicles on driveways or parking lots and off township roads and alleys. This will make snowplowing proceed much more quickly and effectively.

Additionally, if grass is ripped up by a snowplow, township crews will try to repair the damaged areas in the spring.

Homeowners should inspect their mailbox prior to the start of the winter season.  Be sure your mailbox has a strong support.  Use reflective tape or other material to make the mailbox easier to see during storms or during dark hours.  Plowing operations can push snow against or in front of mailboxes, limiting access and possibly causing damage to supports.  If the mailbox support is within the highway right-of-way, it  is the owner’s responsibility.  Check your mailbox and support often, clearing snow from it and depositing the snow properly.  If the mailbox is not accessible to the postal carrier due to snow buildup, or if it is not properly located along the road, you may have to pick up your mail at the post office.

The Roads of Rush Township

Street Index
Aaron’s Lane
Apple Lane
Ardmore Avenue (TR 830)
Back Street
Beech Lane (TR 914)
Beechwood Street
Bernhard Road (TR 856)
Birch Street
Bittner Road (TR 865)
Blackwell Street (TR 880)
Bnosky Street
Carmen Street (TR 934)
Center Street (TR 887)
Charles Street (TR 913)
Chestnut Street (TR 925)
Church Road (TR 862)
Clarryan Street (TR 900)
Coombe Street
Crest Street (TR 463)
Cumberland Avenue (TR 878)
Delford Street
Dennison Street (TR 898)
Eli Street (TR 935)
Elizabeth Street (TR 902)
Elmore Street (TR 876)
Field Road (TR 864)
Forest Avenue (TR 927)
Frankford Avenue (TR 883)
Fredricks Street
Gary Road
Glory Road (TR 462)
Golf Road
Grant Street (TR 906)
Grove Street (TR 893)
Hamilton Street

Harmony Lane (TR 857)
Heckman Street (TR 473)
Henkel Street (TR 858)
Hilltop Road (TR 889)
Holland Street (TR 872)
Holly Road (TR 920)
Hometown Avenue (TR 930)

Houser Drive (TR915)
Hunter Street (TR 892)
Isganitis Street (TR 472)
John Street (TR 820)
Jones Street (TR 905)
Joyce Street (TR 936)
Kahler Avenue (TR 896)
Kaup Avenue (TR 466)
Keller Road (TR 873)
Kennedy Street
La Brecht Place (TR 461)
Lake Drive (TR 840)
Laurel Street
Laurelwood Street (TR 904)
Lee Ron Lane (TR 465)
Liberty Street (TR 922)
Lincoln Street (TR 511)
Locust Street
Lorraine Avenue (TR 921)
Lynwood Street (TR 918)
Madison Street (TR 910)
Maple Avenue (TR 926)
Maple Street
Mariner Street (TR 895)
Marteen Drive (TR 464)
Matz Street (TR 917)
Meadow Avenue (TR 894)
Messerschmidt Street (TR 901)
Miller Avenue (TR 800)
Miller Street (TR 916)
Mogish Road
North Road (Tamanend) (TR 929)
Oak Lane (TR 933)
Oak Street (TR 897)
Orchard Road (TR 863)
Ortega Street (TR 875)
Oxford Street (TR 501)
Pine Avenue (TR 908)
Pine Street
Progress Avenue (TR 924)
Purnell Avenue (TR 870)
Ridge Street (TR 888)
Rogosky Street (TR 891)
Russell Street (TR 822)
Ryan Avenue (TR 882)
Rymin Road (TR 890)
Shawn Avenue (TR 912)
Sherwood Street (TR 899)
Sibilia Way (TR 460)
South Road (Tamanend) (TR 928)
Stoney Road (TR 869)
Sullivan Street
Sunset Avenue (TR 911)
Sunset Street
Susquehanna Drive (TR 903)
Swenson Street (TR 886)
Tamaqua Street (TR 499)
Tide Road (TR 923)
Thompson Street (TR 821)
Walnut Street
Wayne Avenue (TR 884)
Welsh Road
Wertman Road (TR 866)
Wesner Street (TR 909)
Wyoming Street (TR 590)
Ye Old Dam Road (TR 932)
Ye Old Hauto Road (TR 881)
Zellner Road (TR 868)

Local Names of State Roads
SR 54 – Hauto Highway (Carbon County line west to Ye Old Hauto Road)
SR 54 – Lafayette Avenue (Ye Old Hauto Road west to SR 309)
SR 54 – Mahanoy Avenue (SR 309 to SR 1019 – Marian Avenue)
SR 54 – Pine Creek Drive (SR 1019 – Marian Avenue west to the township line)
SR 309 – Claremont Avenue
SR 1012 – East Main Street (SR 309 west to Quakake village)
SR 1012 – West Main Street (Quakake village to Delano village)
SR 1015 – State Road (SR 54 to golf course)
SR 1017 – Grier Avenue (SR 54 to Grier City)
SR 1018 – Taggartsville Road (Taggartsville to golf course)
SR 1019 – Marian Avenue (SR 54 to Tamanend)
SR 1020 – Ben Titus Road (Carbon County line west to SR 309)
SR 1020 – Fairview Street (west of SR 309 to SR 54)
SR 1021 – Lincoln Drive (SR 309 west past UPS depot then back to SR 309 near McDonald’s)

Rush Township Road Map

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