Sewer Service

Rush Township is served by two sewage service providers.

In Hometown and Lake Hauto, sewage services are provided by Rush Township, which also handles its own sewer billing and maintains its public sewer system. The phone number for the Rush Township Sewer Building is (570) 668-4336. For billing inquires please contact the Rush Township administrative office at 570-668-2938.

In Quakake, Grier City, and Barnesville, sewage services are provided by the Northeastern Schuylkill Joint Municipal Authority, which is a cooperative venture between Rush Township and Ryan Township. The address of the authority is 6 Holly Road, Barnesville. Its phone number is (570) 467-2176.

The collection of delinquent municipal user fees will be handled by Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd.

Sewage Enforcement Officer

The sewage enforcement officer handles on-site septic sewer enforcement in the township.

William Brior is the township sewage enforcement officer. He can be reached at (570) 956-2123.

Sewer Department

If you require assistance with any sewer-related issues, please contact:

Mike Zimmerman or Will Cavanaugh
Sewer Department

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