Category: Resolutions

Resolution 2024-13

Resolution 2024-13 Resolution approving each participating member of a Volunteer Fire Company in Rush Township engaging in the following forms of Operational Support will be covered under the Township Worker’s Comp Policy: maintaining station and equipment; acting as trustee; organizing fundraisers; providing Information Technology support; assisting with recruitment and administrative tasks.

Resolution 2024-12

Resolution 2024-12 Resolution establishing new pay rates and a bonus system for Part-Time Police Officers.

Resolution 2024-11

Resolution 2024-11 Resolution adding a Referendum question to be placed on the 2024 Primary Election in April or the 2024 General Election in November 2024 asking residents if they are in favor of a 4 mill tax increase to employ additional municipal police coverage in the township.

Resolution 2024-10

Resolution 2024-10 Resolution appointing Christopher Hartz as Rush Township Emergency Management Coordinator

Resolution 2024-09

Resolution 2024-09 Resolution to adopt the updated Part-Time Police Officer job description.

Resolution 2024-08

Resolution 2024-08 Resolution appointing a certified and competent public accountant for 2024.

Resolution 2024-07

Resolution 2024-07 Resolution selecting delegates for the Tax Collection Committee (TCC).

Resolution 2024-06

Resolution 2024-06 Resolution for Comprehensive Inspection Agency (CIA)

Resolution 2024-05

Resolution 2024-05 Resolution setting the Hometown sewer collection and disposal fee for 2024.

Resolution 2024-04

Resolution 2024-04 Resolution setting the Lake Hauto sewer collection and disposal fee for 2024.

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