Category: Resolutions

Resolution 2022-15

Resolution 2022-15 Resolution adopting a Juveniles in Custody policy

Resolution 2022-14

Resolution 2022-14 Resolution filing a tax exemption on parcel 25-22-0146.000

Resolution 2022-13

Resolution 2022-13 Resolution authorizing proper officers of the governing board to appoint a liaison between it and Berkheimer Tax Collection for the purpose of sharing confidential tax information with the district for official purposes.

Resolution 2022-12

Resolution 2022-12 Resolution revising the standard agreement for municipalities to approve and allow their respective police officers to participate in the Schuylkill County Drug Task Force.

Resolution 2022-11

Resolution 2022-11 Resolution to set Garbage collection fees.

Resolution 2022-10

Resolution 2022-10 Resolution to set Hometown sewer collection fees.

Resolution 2022-09

Resolution 2022-09 Resolution to set Lake Hauto sewer collection fees.

Resolution 2022-08

Resolution 2022-08 Resolution to appoint an Auditor for Rush Township accounts

Resolution 2022-07

Resolution 2022-07 Resolution for appointment of Tax Collection Committee (TCC) Delegates

Resolution 2022-06

Resolution 2022-06 Resolution for Comprehensive Inspection Agency (CIA)

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