Category: Resolutions

Resolution 2023-06

Resolution 2023-06 Resolution for Comprehensive Inspection Agency (CIA)

Resolution 2023-05

Resolution 2023-05 Resolution setting Hometown sewer fees

Resolution 2023-04

Resolution 2023-04 Resolution setting Lake Hauto sewer rate

Resolution 2023-03

Resolution 2023-03 Resolution setting garbage and recycling rate for 2023

Resolution 2023-02

Resolution 2023-02 Resolution requiring two signatures on accounts

Resolution 2023-01

Resolution 2023-01 Resolution establishing the fee structure for Sewage Enforcement Work and Sewage Permits

Resolution 2022-19

Resolution 2022-19 Resolution fixing the tax rate for the Fiscal Year 2023

Resolution 2022-18

Resolution 2022-18 Resolution for a Plan Revision for New Land Development

Resolution 2022-17

Resolution 2022-17 Resolution explaining Governor Wolf’s amendment to the Local Tax Collection Law and directing the Tax Collector to waive additional charges for real estate taxes in certain situations

Resolution 2022-16

Resolution 2022-16 Resolution requiring the Township Solicitor to complete a Certificate of Title form for a grant that was applied for from the PA DCNR

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