Category: Ordinances

Ordinance 216

Ordinance 216 Ordinance authorizing Hometown Fire Company and Emergency Service Organizations serving the Township to seek recovery of costs for providing Emergency Services.

Ordinance 215

Ordinance 215 Open Burn Ordinance 2023

Ordinance 214

Ordinance 214 Ordinance amending the international property maintenance code, 2009 edition, as adopted by Ordinances 187 and 202 to establish a new method of service of a notice of violation, add a new definition of solar panel, and establish regulations relating to solar panels

Ordinance 213

Ordinance 213 Rush Township Ordinance requiring daily or annual permits for Mobile Food Facilities including Food Trucks

Ordinance 212

Ordinance 212 Ordinance of Attorney fee schedule for unpaid sewer & garbage claims  

Ordinance 211

Ordinance 211 Ordinance to amend the current ESRP Zoning Ordinance

Ordinance 210

Ordinance 210 Ordinance regulating the nomination, approval and removal of Special Fire Police Officers.

Ordinance 209

Ordinance 209 Ordinance requiring the Volunteer Fire Company submit an annual audit of its accounts by an auditor chosen by Rush Township.

Ordinance 208

Ordinance requiring permits for Mobile Food Facilities (Food Trucks), creating exceptions, establishing regulations, and prescribing penalties for violations. Ordinance 208

Ordinance 207

Ordinance that requires a permit for any construction or development Ordinance 207

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