Minutes of the meeting of the Rush Township of Supervisors – January 3, 2011

Rush Township Municipal Building
Hometown, PA  18252

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rush Township Board of Supervisors

The monthly meeting of the Rush Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 10:20 a.m.  by Chairman Stephen W Simchak.  Those in attendance were Supervisor Robert J. Leibensperger, Secretary/Treasurer Terri Conville, and Administrative Assistant Marie Skripnek.  Vice-Chairman Gilbert was absent.  There were approximately ten residents, one reporter, and one TV reporter present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Public Comment
1.  Marion Lazur – wanted to know how much per hour Alfred Benesch & Company would be charging to be the zoning and code enforcement firm for the township. Ms. Lazur also asked who the Chairman would be for the Planning Commission to be the township’s representative to ESP. Ms. Lazur also had concerns about the Board approving the seventy-five dollars work boot allowance for the road department workers.

Minutes of Previous Meeting – A motion was made by Supervisor Leibensperger to approve the meeting minutes of December 21, 2010.  Chairman Simchak seconded the motion.  Ms. Conville polled the Board.  Simchak and Leibensperger voted for the motion and Gilbert was absent.  Motion carried.

Old Business – A motion was made by Supervisor Leibensperger to award the Meadow Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvements Contract A to Grand Prix Excavation in the amount of $271,550.00.  Supervisor Leibensperger seconded the motion.  Under the question, Chairman Simchak stated that there was a mathematical error on Grand Prix bid sheet for Contract A (Meadow Avenue Project).  The amount listed by the bidder was $273,550.00, but actually added up to $271,550.00.  This is a difference of $2,000.00 in favor of the township.  Ms. Conville polled the Board.  Simchak and Leibensperger voted for the motion and Gilbert was absent.  Motion carried.

Chairman Simchak stated that the Board would like to recognize someone for their continuous volunteerism.  Simchak read a short biography of this person. Barry Messerschmidt joined the Hometown Fire Company in 1973 and became Fire Chief in 1990 and still has that title as well as being President.  Barry organizes several fund raisers throughout the year to keep the fire company going, such as the chicken BBQ, Sunday Breakfast, spaghetti dinners and more.  Barry helps out the local township police department, serves on the Recreation Committee and the Recreation Board.  He helped organize Family Bowling days in February and several Christmas parties for the children.  He helped develop Miller Park and Quakake Park and cleaning up Ryan Park.  Barry also serves as the Chairman of the local Boy Scouts troop.  Barry delivered toys to children’s homes for the Christmas season. Barry has lived in the township for fifty-two years.
A motion was made by Supervisor Leibensperger to adopt Resolution #2011-05naming Barry Messerschmidt volunteer of the year for 2011.  Chairman Simchak seconded the motion.  Barry thanked everyone and stated that we all need to work together.
Ms. Skripnek announced that prescription discount cards are available at the township building.  This program is free and open to all Schuylkill County residents.  This is not insurance.  Residents can save from ten to fifty percent on most prescription drugs.  A list of local participating pharmacies is also available at the township building.
Ms. Skripnek announced that Rush Township will be celebrating its 200th birthday this year and we are hoping to have a year of events to honor this momentous occasion.  Residents are invited to attend the first event, which will be a luncheon to be held on January 8th to honor all the volunteers and our employees of Rush Township.   The Supervisors are looking for residents to volunteer to be on committees to plan other activities throughout the year.  Please contact the administration office to sign up.

Chairman Simchak thanked everyone for coming.  The meeting adjourned at 10:35 AM.
Transcribed and attested
Terri Conville- Secretary/Treasurer

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