Reminder to not affix ANY signs to Traffic Regulation Signs

PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH ANY SIGNS (ex. yard sales, parties, For Sale signs, etc.) to ANY TRAFFIC REGULATION SIGNS (ex. light posts, stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.).  Violators WILL be fined.

Ordinance #194:  Prohibiting the placing, securing, or affixing of any sign or item on any traffic regulation sign of Rush Township, authorizing the abatement of any violation by officials of Rush Township and prescribing penalties for violations.

  • The Board of Supervisors is aware of the habit, custom, or actions of the public in placing certain signs or items (such as balloons) on Traffic Regulation Signs to advertise or to promote or inform of an event (i.e. yard sale, birthday party, or open house) and the Board is aware of the important purpose that Traffic Regulation Signs serve, namely to regulate the safe flow of traffic and the potential distraction any signs or items placed thereon could cause to motorists, potentially causing them to miss or fail to see the regulations stated by the Traffic Regulations Sign. Therefore, Rush Township is given authority to protect the welfare of its citizens (Section 1506 of the Second-Class Township Code), secure the safety of persons within the Township (Section 1527 of the Second-Class Township Code), and prohibit nuisances (Section 1529 of the Second-Class Township Code).
  • ordinance-194
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