Month: March 2013

Minutes of the meeting of the Rush Township of Supervisors – MARCH 14, 2013

RUSH TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MONTHLY MEETING THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 2013 7 P.M. MINUTES The meeting of the Rush Township Board of Supervisors was called to order by Chairman Shawn Gilbert at 7:00 o’clock pm. Those in attendance were Vice-Chairman Robert Leibensperger, Secretary Treasurer Darlene Fenstermacher, one reporter & 8 residents.     1. CALL TO […]

Ordinance #181

An ordinance providing that certain fire losses the insurer having a policy with respect to such loss shall transfer insurance proceeds to the treasurer of Rush Township, to be used to pay delinquent taxes and other municipal claims or held as security and used to pay the total cost of removing, repairing, or securing the damaged building, and providing for penalties for violations.

Ordinance #180

An ordinance amending ordinance 89 of the code of the Township of Rush Regulating and restricting open burning.

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