Month: July 2019

Resolution 2019-16

A resolution top create a cooperative recreation commission to enhance, promote, and develop recreational opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages within the political boundaries of the participants. Resolution 2019-16

Resolution 2019-15

A resolution to finance a project to purchase a Schwarze A4 Storm Street Sweeper. Resolution 2019-15

Resolution 2019-14

A resolution prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental, leasing, financing of housing or land to be used for construction of housing, or in the provision of brokerage services because of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, familial status (families with children), or handicap (disability). Resolution 2019-14

Resolution 2019-13

A resolution stating that Rush Township shall serve any notice to property owners of its intentions to remove any shrub or tree growing within a Township right-of-way or any Township road or street which constitutes a hazardous or dangerous condition to the use or maintenance of the right-of-way, road, or street. Resolution 2019-13

Resolution 2019-12

A resolution requesting a Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program (GTRP) grant to be used for Grier City Park improvements. Resolution 2019-12

Resolution 2019-11

A resolution for Rush Township to undertake the project “Grier City Park-Phase I” and to receive a grant from the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources for the purposes of carrying out this project. Resolution 2019-11

Resolution 2019-10

A resolution establishing an operation and maintenance schedule for the maintenance employees and Grier City Park Committee for Rush Township. Resolution 2019-10

Resolution 2019-9

A resolution for a Procurement Policy/Code Conduct in adherence to 24 CFR 200 that comprehensively addresses the standards and procedures prescribed in the Act. Resolution 2019-9

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